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 An Idea for a Movie

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PostSubject: An Idea for a Movie   Wed 11 Jul 2007, 6:12 pm

I've come up with an idea for a film, which I think is pretty good. If I were to make it, I would probably call it Wolf

The setting is during the crux of the Vietnam War. A skilled general, Bill Wolf, is leading his troop to a rondevous (sp?) with another general when he spots a Viencong enemy batallion. Wolf and his troops engage the Vietcong in battle, only to be defeated by a sneak attack from a second Vietcong batallion. They are taken to a Vietocng Torture Camp, where they are abused in every way, shape, and form, the troop, that is. Bill Wolf is taken to meet with the Vietcong Leader, more or less. He is asked about information regarding the American troop movement, supply location, ect. The general military stuff. However, Wolf refuses to speak, choosing his country over his life. He is being beaten by the Vietcong over and over, and finally, after not speaking for long enough, the Vietcong get tired of him and place him witht he prisoners. He is constantly abused by the Vietcong, and eventually, he is sentanced a firing squad death, but instead of using Vietcong soldiers, the men firing the gun on General Bill Wolf are...his own troop. The marked day of his death arrive, and he is led to where his death will be, a barren desert. Blindfolded and handcuffed, Wolf is asked his final words before his shooting. Bill only responds, "Look up". The Vietcong look up, and get shot. The general Bill was supposed to meet never saw him, and reported it to the highest ranking office in his division. The troops prepare a rescure mission, and finally find the Vietcong hideout. By now, the Vietcong in the Torture Camp are running out, while the Americans are getting off the helicopters (they were on helicopters whern Bill said, "look up". There is a fight scene where Bill is un-cuffed and de-blindfolded, resulting in him getting a gun and shooting down the Vietcong, along with his troop and the reinforcements. After all the Vietcong are dead, Bill nonchalantly walks away into the fading sunset.
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PostSubject: Re: An Idea for a Movie   Sun 15 Jul 2007, 5:59 am

Sounds cool... not sure if I will make that one... only because I don't have the actors and don't have the sets... but it is a good movie idea... I will keep it in mind for down the road... Smile thanks for posting and welcome to the forums... Smile
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An Idea for a Movie
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