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 My idea for a series of 5 spy type movies....

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PostSubject: My idea for a series of 5 spy type movies....   Fri 31 Aug 2007, 5:56 am

well here goes my idea ,please forgive my english,and understand that i am not saying everything about the movies(5),,,.....

Reunion between energy minister of energy of France ,UK and NATO generals somewhere in France,,,,,,,just for letting the Army take control over a new energy system that will allow to transform bio-diesel into regular gasoline at a cheaper cost.........
The organization (bad guys does not have a name) ,find out what they are doing and decide to stole the formula and kill the scientist s involved in the project......so they send their better agent to do so.....so she did......but only what is related to France since the project has been split ted between France and UK.
Her organization makes theirs first mistake ordering her to share the mission with someone else ,which obviously fail in her mission ....anyway ,the scientist was going to USA for protection and of course to share his knowledge
..... ACT 2
She received order to go to USA and finish her mission,she agreed with that but .2 mistake from her direct boss(operational chief) ,he orders her to use as a "intermediary" one of their legal companies that he knows is infiltrated by the FBI;she refuses to expose herself in a not familiar territory where she knows that just a little help from her company she is going to have,,,,,,,,,,Her boss replied with a menace to her kids(she is married,2 kids);to make it short ,she did not like that,,,,she will do the mission on her own terms,probe the "connexion" kill the scientist and will send them a very clear message to them ,which It can be translated as follow;" i can touch you,put you in jail or kill you,even i do not know you,so buzz off...."
well she complete the mission and flight back to UK where she lives,,,her boss did not like the message so he decided to expose her to the international agencies so they can ,well,try to kill or catch her,,,,To do so he order to her husband to be the one to expose her,( he also woks with them),,,,,well she did not have ant other choice but to kill him.....and decide to "have a talk" with her bosses......to do it she realize that she will need help ,so she uses the agents that are pursuing her , to help her·without they know it..........
.. ACT 3
She plans a meeting with her "friends"(the special agents·)and convinced them to help her to destroy at least the principal part of her organization,she will train them and prepared them and probed to them that its the only way they can lay their hands on that organization......one condition only.....one of the government must protect her kids ,and after the mission is over ,what is left of her will be for them.......
they do it so and after a very emotional fighting ,the "good ones·" wins and ,according to her plan,they help her to kill herself........
the movie will end at her funeral with music according to the moment...........and a surprise,,,,,,,, study
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My idea for a series of 5 spy type movies....
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