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PostSubject: Converting   Wed 31 May 2006, 2:10 am

I downloaded the erightsoft converter you suggested (moviemaker forum)
but the drop down list for select output video codecs does not list AVI or wmv as you suggested.How do you get these added to the lists?

Clint Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Converting   Wed 31 May 2006, 9:24 pm

OK huh that is puzzling Embarassed because all I did was download it from the link that I sent you.... what is the file type that you are converting from??? like the file you want to convert...
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PostSubject: Step by step guides for the masses...   Tue 21 Nov 2006, 5:05 am

Admin wrote:
OK huh that is puzzling Embarassed because all I did was download it from the link that I sent you.... what is the file type that you are converting from??? like the file you want to convert...

Here's a step by step guide for Super...

Thanks to Neophyte for putting together this step by step guide for using Super...

Here are the step-by-step instructions for SUPER you requested:

1. Open SUPER and then right click anywhere on the window
2. On the pop-up menu that appears click on "Specify the Output Folder Destination"
3. On the new pop-up window that appears select the folder where you would like your converted file to be stored and then click on the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of this window
4. Go to the drop down menu entitled "Select the Output Container" (at the top left of the SUPER window) and select the format to which you would like your file converted
5. Select the encoder to be used from the list just below the "Select the Output Container" drop down menu (some selections may not give you a choice of encoders)
6. Go to the video pane (area with green colored text) and select any changes you would like to make in scale size, aspect ratio, etc - if none, select "No Change"
7. Go to the audio pane (area with blue colored text) and select the parameters for the audio on your converted file
8. Drag and drop the files you wish to convert to the SUPER window where it says "DROP A VALID MULTIMEDIA FILE HERE"
9. Check pane just below this where it says "Encode to file format" to ensure that the conversion parameters are what you wanted - if they aren't, repeat steps 4 through 8 as neceesary. Also check the pane just below this to make sure the box in front of the file path for the file you're trying to convert is checked.
10. Click on the button labeled "Encode (Active Job-List Files" at the bottom left of the SUPER window and wait for the conversion process to be completed

There are a number of different settings you might want to try to see if they give better quality output. Specifically, you could try both the ffmpeg and mencoder options and, for converting to avi files, each of the three options for them. Unfortunately, this would take a good bit of time for a 1 GB file; you might want to try finding a shorter file you could experiment with first.

And here's one I made for Windows Media Encoder...It's setup for converting audio, but one can easlily adapt it for video.

Step By Step instructions for Windows Media Encoder...

Note: The steps provided are for converting a mp3 file to .wma

1)Start > All programs > Look for<color> "WINDOWS MEDIA"</color>
hover mouse > move to "Windows Media Encoder"and click.

2)Program will open and automatically bring up a "New Session" box

3)click "wizards" tab

4)click "Convert a File"

5) Click "ok"

"New Session",/i>wizard opens,

6)under 'source file',
click "browse" and locate your source file (your mp3)

7)click on it > Open
(leave "output file" alone for now)

8)Click "next"

9)Content Distribution...
for now,opt for the default "File download [computer playback]"


11)Encoding options...
under audio,High definition quality audio [VBR]


13)Display information...
Enter info if you want here

14)Settings Review...

15) review and click Finish
encoding begins,sit back and watch...

16)Encoding Results...chose either
"play output file" or "close"

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PostSubject: Re: Converting   

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